Honey farm in the Ariège Pyrenees

I am in Montagagne, in the upper Arize valley at an altitude of 750 meters. This is where I raise the queens, I extract and package all my honey.

Birth of my beekeeping business

  • 2008: After meeting several beekeepers and appreciating their work punctuated by the seasons, I acquired my first hives and in turn became a honey producer .

I am taking the professional certificate “Agricultural Business Manager” (BPREA), beekeeping option in Auterive to quickly register for a professional approach.

  • 2009: I develop my beekeeping stock.
  • 2010: I set up as a beekeeper on my mountain farm in Ariège.
Producteur de miel en Ariège | Pierre W. Aoun, apiculteur

Local honey

My hives are located around my home, in Haute-Arize, and in the Vicdessos, Aston and Lèze valleys.

Near the honey house, two locations in the foothills produce spring, acacia and buckwheat .

Nearby, a network of apiaries provides honeydew from cherry, bramble, lime and chestnut trees .

Finally, higher on the mountain, transhumance locations allow the production of lime honey (Aston valley), rhododendron (Vicdessos valley), heather, wild flowers of the Pyrenees .

Discover local honeys
Producteur de miel de terroir | Pierre W. Aoun, apiculteur en Ariège

Producer of quality honey

I am a harvesting beekeeper . I rear the queens, extract and package all the honey I collect.

Here, you will only find raw honeys for sale. This means that they reflect a given terroir and flowering and are not subject to any mixing. They are developed with great attention to quality .

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Producteur de miel - vente en ligne | Pierre W. Aoun, apiculteur en Ariège

Online and direct sale of honey

With this store, I offer the sale of honey in France and Europe. But if you are not far away, you can place your order online and pick it up at the honey house. I will be happy to inform you about my products and the daily work of a honey producer .

Discover my different mountain honeys in 500 gram or 3 kilo pots for serious amateurs.

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