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Pierre W. Aoun apiculteur

Artisanal honey from the Pyrenees 500g

Artisanal honey from the Pyrenees 500g

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100% Ariège Pyrenees honey to taste a local product! It is a smooth and tasty all-flower honey.

Harvest and apiaries

I harvest this mountain honey in the upper Arize valley, in summer (June, July).

Composition and specificity of Pyrenees honey

Bees produce it by foraging mainly on brambles, lime trees, chestnut trees and even clover.

This polyfloral summer honey is creamy. It has a naturally woody flavor, with floral and fruity notes. And due to the presence of nectar collected from linden flowers, it can be slightly minty (but not as much as linden honey).

It has good intensity and sustained persistence.

As it is a local product, it reflects a territory, but also a season. This is why it will not necessarily taste the same from one year to the next.

Extraction and packaging

Pyrenees honey, like all my honeys, is cold extracted and packaged in my beekeeping farm in Haute-Arize, in Montagagne (Ariège).


If you like a sweet-salty combination, this mountain honey will be perfect with sheep's milk cheese, from the Pyrenees of course.

Its creaminess is ideal for toast, but it will also be perfect for sweetening your hot drinks.

Discover this 100% raw honey from Ariège!

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