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Pierre W. Aoun apiculteur

Raw rhododendron honey comb 500g

Raw rhododendron honey comb 500g

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Rhododendron honey, sweet and floral, is offered to you in its raw state, as taken from the hive in its very pure wax comb.

Apiary location and season

I harvest this mountain honey in June and early July in a rhododendron moor located at an altitude of more than 1800 meters in the Vicdessos valley (Ariege Pyrenees).

Characteristics of comb rhododendron honey

It is a monofloral, nectar honey, although in certain years it can have notes of raspberry in addition to rhododendron.

To guarantee the purity of the wax which constitutes the comb, the wax foundation sheets used for the frames come exclusively from the farm's cappings. No outside purchase of wax.

Work in a honey house

The frames selected for the quality of the filling and capping are simply cut into four sections of at least 500g.

Consumption of this mountain honey

This honey is a real candy, the wax can be consumed or reused for your cosmetic preparations.


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