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Pierre W. Aoun apiculteur

Forest honey 500g

Forest honey 500g

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Forest honey has a characteristic taste reminiscent of licorice and a good length in the mouth. Made of nectar and honeydew, it is a concentrate of woody flavors.

Where are the forest honey apiaries?

I harvest this honey in the upper Arize valley, in the Ariège foothills.

When is it harvested?

This polyfloral honey is harvested in spring.

What is forest honey?

This local honey is a mixture of nectar and honeydew. It comes from several plants. Bees collect honeydew mainly from oaks and deciduous trees.

Honeydew is secreted by insects such as aphids or mealybugs. They produce it by feeding on tree sap and deposit it on the leaves of trees which the bees will then harvest.

It contains a lot of fructose, which allows it to remain liquid beyond the fall following its harvest. The presence of honeydew gives it this very characteristic powerful taste and a darker color than acacia honey , for example.

Extraction and packaging

As with all my honeys, it is cold extracted and potted in Montagagne in the Séronais (Couserans, Ariège Pyrenees). Unpasteurized honey, like all my production.

How to consume this honey?

This forest honey can be eaten or cooked. It is liquid, which makes it easy to use in all kinds of culinary preparations, or simply on toast.

Its sweetness suits the greatest number of people and it is perfect for those looking for the intensity of a raw honey and the aroma of the undergrowth.

Taste Ariège forest honey!

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