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Pierre W. Aoun apiculteur

Acacia honey 500g (liquid)

Acacia honey 500g (liquid)

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Acacia honey is undoubtedly the best known of honeys. Its taste is not too strong and it has a beautiful golden color. It remains liquid, making it ideal for sweetening drinks or cooking.

Location of apiaries

I harvest acacia honey in the Ariège plain, near Pamiers.

Harvest season

This monofloral honey is harvested in spring (May, June), just after the acacia flowering. It is important to collect this honeydew just in time, before other nectars mix in.

Composition of acacia honey

As its name suggests, this raw honey comes from the foraging of acacia trees.

Extraction and packaging

I extract it cold and I pot it in my honey house in Montagagne (Couserans, Ariège).


Acacia honey remains liquid, which makes it ideal for sweetening tea, herbal tea and yogurt, as well as for making desserts or certain savory preparations such as duck or foie gras.

Its sweetness appeals to children and adults who are looking for a honey with a discreet taste.

Taste it!

And to vary the tastes, discover forest honey , spring honey or even rhododendron honey .

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